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About us


Anikethana Samaja Kalyana Kendra

Ours is the Organization serving people from many years. We have established “Shanthi Vyasana Mukthi Kendra” (Shanthi De-Addiction Centre) in the year 2002 and have given treatment to thousands together of the Drunkards and have educated them in this regard. We have conducted many free treatment camps through the Donors, which helped poor drunkards and obtained good result.

We have established ‘Shanthi Anatha Makkala Vasathi Kendra” (Shanthi Orphanage Hostel) in the year 2007 and have encouraged hundreds together of students to join the school. Sri Halekote Vishwamithra and his family have donated Rs. 60,00,000-00 for the construction of the Shanthi Anatha Makkala Vasathi Kendra and the Building has already constructed and we are running the Shanthi Anatha Makkala Vasathi Kendra” (Shanthi Orphanage Hostel) in the said Building.

Shanthi Vyasana Mukthi Kendra (Shanthi De-Addition Centre) now is running in the Rental Building and therefore we are intending to construct a own building of the organization to run the same and the construction costs may be around Rs. 61,00,000=00. Therefore, we need donations from people like you and request you to donate for our good cause

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